My NCLEX Experience

  1. Hello AN,

    I posted yesterday that I tested that morning and I had 85 questions. I wanted to come back and share some (legal) specifics about my exam and also how I studied.

    I finished school on August 16, 2013 and took the NCLEX one month from that day. My appointment was scheduled for 11:30, but I was there by 10:55 and testing by 11:05. After going through the tutorial, my test was finally underway. I started with a question that was fairly simple, but by my 3rd question, I had a SATA. Immediately following I had an ordered response question, then priority. I had majority SATA, but a lot of priority also. I had five ordered response questions, one EKG strip, and a few pharm. I found the test to be a challenge but it was not hard by any means. I actually think the questions were way simpler than Saunders and Kaplan's questions in the sense that they were straight to the point. Applying critical thinking skills directed me to the answers I felt were proper and it always seemed I got a SATA or high level question so I think it was working. This continued until I hit question 85. I know for a fact I answered that question correctly. The instant I clicked next, my screen went blue and the test began processing. I got the screen telling me I was done testing. All I was thinking was, 'Yeah you finally figured out that I failed.' lol I walked out of the testing center feeling completely dejected, stressed, and afraid. The test proctor told me that everyone walked out of there feeling like that. It still didn't help. A man on the elevator asked me what was wrong and I told him I just took the NCLEX and he said, "Oooh I know how you feel. But you'll be fine."

    Afterward I went to my friend's house because I could not do the PVT myself. We braced ourselves and did the trick together. Instantaneously upon clicking next on the review page, I got the good pop up! I collapsed on the floor and began to hyperventilate. I couldn't believe I got the pop up! I just knew I failed! But I prayed so hard for this, and I asked God to be with me in that testing center. The day felt as if it was blessed. I was placed in position to be blessings for two people that morning. I just felt good despite the anxiety I had. God is good.

    I used Kaplan's Strategies, Review, and Practice book and I used to Saunder's Fifth Edition question bank. I did about 75 to 100 questions a day but I wasn't always diligent. I did try to brush up on content that I wasn't 100% on. I did well throughout school too.

    I just want to say that this test is definitely surmountable. I pray for the same success for others that will be taking this test. You have everything you need to succeed. Confidence is key! As well as having faith that God will get you through anything!!! You will prevail with Him on your side! I apologize if this is lengthy.
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    Congrats RN
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    LPN and thank you!!!
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    Congratulations - my test date is October 10th and I am praying that I pass