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First of all i want to thank one1morestep for such an inspiration as i used to follow her log everyday.So,this time i wanted to start my own log.I will post my daily achievement in here to keep... Read More

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    Quote from lhadaway
    futurelpn2012... hows the studying? do you like NCSBN... i'm not really gaining much from it now. i feel like its a text book. questions are good though, but where are these 1,400 questions that they say they have? i have yet to see all these questions
    I do like the questions , many of my friends who have taken the nclex swear by ncsbn , and i like the fact that they have some content to read because they are the ones that writes the nclex questions ( what ive heard) ... But im not really getting good % specially on kaplan , every time i do questions i get a 56% ... How are you studying exactly?? Like how many q's are you doing a day or are you also reading? I just feel like its never enough and i get tired really quickly of doing questions :/

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    Coordinated care interactive quiz 13/15
    Coordinated care post test 80%

    Coordinated care 56%
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    my plan changes daily. My test is thursday so now i feel rushed. my last day w ncsbn is on monday so i guess i will be focusing on that for the next few days. but lately i've been doing one disease process a day with my reviews and rationales book, lacharity, and nclex cram, as well as doing as many questions as i can on the saunders cd on that content. i recently have been doing about 250 a day, but since im in crunch time i need to do about 400 a day... i have to. i like the saunders cd, even if i get half wrong i'm learning why by the rationales. i still haven't figured out the key to studying, i never have... but i've decided i'm going to concentrate more on doing questions than going back to reading everything... i dont have time for that.
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    Nclex Cram ch.13 Cardio 4/10
    Nclex Cram ch. 8 ear/eye 6/10
    Review and Rationales Ch. 3 Cardio pretest 7/10 then posttest 8/10
    Saunders study review on CD on ear 81% out of 38
    Saunders study review on CD on eye 66% out of 101
    Review and Rationales Ch.16 eye/ear pretest 5/10 then posttest 9/10
    LaCharity Ch.10 eye/ear 14/21
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    Saunder CD Immune 108 study questions
    Reviews and Rationales Immune CH. 11 pretest 4/10 posttest 6/10
    LaCharity Ch. 4 Immune 16/24
    Saunder CD Musculoskeletal 125/165... 75.75%
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    NCSBN RN Lesson 8 posttest 72% out of 20
    NCSBN interactive quiz on musculoskeletal 20/24
    NCSBN RN lesson 6 post test 65% out of 20
    NCLEX cram CH. 11 Musculoskeletal 8/10
    Reviews and Rationales CH.9 Musculoskeletal pretest 8/10 posttest 8/10
    Ch. 11 La CHarity musculoskeletal 72% out of 22
    Saunders Cd Study questions on Cancer 73.6% out of 239
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    this daily log for NCLEX is awesome i am planning to take NCLEX-RN so im getting help from here.
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    NCSBN pretest 150 questions
    Saunders Cancer 74% out of 239
    Nclex Cram posttest II 50 questions
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    Saunders exam: 24/40
    Saunders quiz: 15/20

    Started Exam Master Online:
    64% out of 20
    68% out of 50
    65% out of 50

    ... still studying
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    Health maintenance ncsbn 76% 20q's
    Health maintenance pearson 56% 25q's
    Health maintenance kaplan 56% 50 q's

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