My daily log for NCLEX-RN exam - page 22

First of all i want to thank one1morestep for such an inspiration as i used to follow her log everyday.So,this time i wanted to start my own log.I will post my daily achievement in here to keep myself on the track and to keep me... Read More

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    This is good..Im planning to take nclex.Very motivating

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    Heard 1645 try now ... I sent you an email
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    Thank you guys for all your help! This is motivating and everyday I look forward to hearing from all of you guys! I know the scores dont look amazing but i'm hoping the more question i do the more i understand what key points i should focus on (i always just studied the book in school, i never really attempted doing practice questions...)

    Ch 14 Neuro NCLEX Cram
    CH 5 Neuro Reviews and Rationales 70%
    La Charity Ch9 Neuro: 25/38
    Saunders CD-neuro: 71 out of 100
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    From 11:30 am - 1:00 pm school class review on pharmacology

    From 3:00 - 5:00 went to library and studied cardiovascular and respiratory medications

    From 8:00 to 10:30 went to starbucks and studied gastrointestinal and endocrine medications
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    NCLEX Cram- CH 12 endochrine 8/13
    SaunderCD endochrine 70 out of 100
    Reviews and Rationales endochrine
    LaCharity CH.13 endochrine 18/30

    plan today is 200 questions on saunders cd of GI, GU, endochrine, Neuro, Mental, Emergency care, Cultural care, and maternity
    as well as NCSBN lesson on neuro and endochrine (didn't get to last two days bc the library lost internet connection)
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    Went from 10 am to 5 pm to an fluids and electrolytes, nutrition and pharm review.... Feeling worst than ever, im doing horrible on pharmacology
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    Kaplan Qbanksample test 1 - 48% i kind of did it in a rush
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    Kaplan sample test 2 - 56%
    Qbank -58%
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    on saturday:
    NCSBN neuro course
    Nclex Cram Ch. 3 60%
    Reviews and Rationales CH. 2 Respiratory Pretest 90% Posttest 70%
    LaCharity CH. 6 Respiratory 25/35
    NCSBN all of Lesson 8A-8I Post test 54%
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    Daily log:
    PDA: Neuro -71% case study 80%
    Hurst :Neuro& gastro system

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