My daily log for NCLEX-RN exam - page 21

First of all i want to thank one1morestep for such an inspiration as i used to follow her log everyday.So,this time i wanted to start my own log.I will post my daily achievement in here to keep myself on the track and to keep me... Read More

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    Completed NCSBN Lesson on GI-no test
    Reviews and Rationales Ch. 8 GI- 50%
    La Charity Ch.12 GI- 19/30
    Nclex Cram Ch. 10 GI 50%

    i already knew this is my weak spot. I'll keep working on it

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    Thank u for letting me know, im now reviewing cardiovascular on ncsbn , i dont know how to study anymore :/ by the way good luck on ur nclex, i read sonewhere that you are taking it soon
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    My daily log:
    Kaplan Qbank: 50 question 80%
    lippincott 50 questions 70%.
    Lab memorization
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    If you want me to send you pearson question program please let me know
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    Quote from futurelpn2012
    I dont understand why i keep getting so many questions wrong, did mental health twice on pearson , each time with 25 questions

    First time today: 60%
    Second time today:68%
    Try going back to your mental health nursing notes and review them. Sometimes just going over class notes or recorded lectures spark memory.
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    Ncsbn cardiovascular lesson
    Pearson 100 cardiocascular question 68%
    Pda by lacharity cardiovascular 13/34
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    I never really knew how to study for my nursing exams bc i felt like i had to remember every detail about everything. NOW i'm finally seeing a pattern between all the questions. More questions I do on one specific topic is making me realize exactly what to focus on. Do you guys think that there is somewhat a repetition between the questions when you use different sources on one topic? I hope thats the key for studying....

    Saunders CD 250 questions on GI,GU,Maternity,Legal,Cultural,Mental, etc.....69%
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    I havent seen that pattern yet, maybe thats why im scoring so low, how did u study for pharmacology?
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    futurelpn2012 yours message space is full, unable to send u messages until u clear space?
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    Hello Ihadaway

    Yes it might help if you do questions from other sources, but of the same system, you will begin to understand how to answer the questions because they're he same but just asked a different way.
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