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First of all i want to thank one1morestep for such an inspiration as i used to follow her log everyday.So,this time i wanted to start my own log.I will post my daily achievement in here to keep myself on the track and to keep me... Read More

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    Read maternity, Peds and safe & effective care environment on Kaplan
    Kaplan: 100 OB question 75%
    PDA: renal chapt 60%
    I'm exhausted and sick as a dog :-(
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    By the way, is there anyone in this thread that leaves in Lake Worth, FL who would love to be my study body....I'll bring the coffee :-)
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    Finished NCSBN lesson 3 "Health Promotion and maintenance" 1st 15/20, then 17/20, then 19/20
    Saunders CD:
    antepartum 18/28
    postpartum 9/10
    cultural diversity 5/10
    developmental 8/10
    end of life 7/10
    perioperative 6/10
    safety/infection 6/10
    mental health 6/10
    ethics/legal 9/10

    Nurseceline2012- I dont know how far Lake Worth is from me... I'm in jacksonville (i'm assuming your on the panhandle?)
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    Ihadaway, you're doing great with your lecture. Lake Worth is some 4 hours away from Jacksonville :-(
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    boooooo! i wish i had a study group here. when is your test Nurseceline2012?
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    Last week of October, hope I don't reschedule!
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    Mental health feuer audio ( again )
    Mental health pearson questions (25) 60%
    Mental health pearson questions (25) 84%
    Cardiovascular pearson questions (25) 80%
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    Kapland 50 questions
    Saunders Q&A 50 questions
    Saunders review newborn content
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    NCSBN lesson 4 "Mental Health":
    Interactive quiz 8/11
    Post Test 70% then 80%
    Saunders CD-Mental Exam 61% (but i do notice when you click content, they mix it up still with other content)

    Exam Cram Pearson:
    went over Chapter 15 Psych Disorders
    Quiz 7/10

    I accidently looked up other posts on here about studying for the nclex, and i unfortunately came across one that everyone was blogging "they passed with 75 questions and only studied 4hrs for only 1 week..." That put me in negative mode. New day though! Have a good weekend guys
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    My log for today:
    Hurst: cancer , orthopedic and psychiatric.
    PDA ortho: 62% ( I suck).
    Guess I'm tired, I'm calling it a night.

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