My daily log for NCLEX-RN exam - page 16

First of all i want to thank one1morestep for such an inspiration as i used to follow her log everyday.So,this time i wanted to start my own log.I will post my daily achievement in here to keep... Read More

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    did a test on all the systems 100 questions all together and this is what i got
    immunologic 100%
    cardiovascular 0%
    endocrine and metabolic 67%
    eyes and ears 50%
    gastrointestinal 60%
    hematologic 100%
    intergumentary 100%
    neurologic 100%
    renal 67%

    i didnt know i was doing this bad i hav my test in exactly one month and 3 weeks

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    Hey guys
    I'm having trouble using that 4,000 question software; I can't get pass the tutorial session...... Please help, anyone, someone please !!!!!! :-(
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    Quote from Nurseceline2012
    Hey guys
    I'm having trouble using that 4,000 question software; I can't get pass the tutorial session...... Please help, anyone, someone please !!!!!! :-(
    The tutorial open in the different browser so close it and move on.
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    Watched Hurst video on Psychiatric
    Read Psychiatric from Hurst handout
    Did 180 questions from Kaplan strategy cd(2010-2011)-60%

    At this point i am getting sick of practising questions again and again
    9 more days to go
    Good luck everyone!!!
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    Hurst Video and Handout - Cardiac
    Nclex-4000 30 questions for Cardiac
    Saunders Q&A 54 questions for ear
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    Hi guys! I woke up this morning and my mind was racing because I get such anxiety w/testing. I've been reading what you guys have been doing and like everyone else it is inspiring. Can anyone give me some advice about how to even begin to study? I struggled in nursing school and the anxiety gets the best of me. My following review books are:

    Saunders-Comprehensive review 5th edition
    LaCharity- Priority, Delegation, and Assignment
    2012-2013 HESI Live Review Workbook for NCLEX-RN (i hate this one)
    Reviews and Rationales (Hogan) for Med Surgeical, CHild health, Mental Health, and Fundamentals
    Exam Cram, NCLEX RN 3rd edition-Pearson

    What is this 4,000 NCLEX question thing? Is this something I buy online? and is it helpful?
    Thank you guys. I'm glad there is something like this to help guide me.
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    Lippincott 50 questions -64%
    listened to Kaplan Mp3-pharmacology
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    Revised Pharmacology from Kaplan audio note and some random notes
    Did 50 questions from Kaplan(64%)
    Did 105 questions from on Prioritization and delegation(80%)

    8 more days to go
    Good luck everyone!!!
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    9/24/12Kaplan 60 questions
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    hi guys... gonna start with my review too..i'll be taking the nclex this coming december.
    materials that i have are: feuer audio, nclex 3500, exam cram practice questions, nclex rn study guide. Still need to purchase saunders nclex book and going to enroll in hurst online review. is this ok for 2 months preparation? I'm really worried

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