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My CA NCLEX experience

  1. 0 I stalked these boards prior to taking my test and I would like to share my NCLEX story....

    I knew before I graduated that I wanted to take my NCLEX right away. I had sent my application to the CA board months before I graduated and registered for Pearson vue one month prior to graduation. I took the Kaplan course the week after finals. I decided not to wait for my school to send my I sent my transcripts to the board when my degree posted, I wasn't sure if it would work but it did. I sent them overnight on a Monday and had my ATT on Wednesday and scheduled my test for that Saturday. I studied Kaplan for one week...Here were all my scores:

    Diagnostic 73% (took during finals week)
    QT1 69% (completed prior to Kaplan course)
    QT2 73% (completed prior to Kaplan course)
    QT3 56% (Completed prior to Kaplan course)
    Readiness 65% (Took prior to final Kaplan class)
    QT4 67% (Monday prior to test)
    QT5 62% (Tuesday prior to test)
    QT6 66% (Wednesday prior to test)
    QT7 62% (Thursday prior to test)

    *I didn't do any Qbank questions.

    I think the worst part of taking the test was the anticipation up to taking it. I had 75 questions and finished in about 45 minutes. I left the test center feeling like I passed, did the Pearson Vue trick in my car and got the good pop up. (Even though I got the good pop up I was still nervous, I kept thinking what if it was wrong for me.) My name was on the board website by Tuesday morning, PHEW and I got my actual license about a week later.

    I am so happy and relieved to be done and be a licensed RN. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done but I am happy with my off to find a job which I understand will probably require a lot of patience.
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