LVN graduate...still have to take exam...pls help

  1. Hello, i needed some suggestions/help. i graduated from lvn last year. i didnt pass the nclex the first time i took. then i had gone bak to my country for like 5 months for some personal reason. and now i really want to take my lvn boards n pass. i know it will be really tough for me bcoz i had a huge gap in between. pls anyone can tell me what should i mainly focus on...i mean which book and/or those cd trial test like sylvestri? or does anyone know if i should join one of those program where they help you prepare for the nclex test? if yes then anyone know which program and where should i go join??? pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   NervousNurse84
    There is a program called ATI Testing that is very similar to the NCLEX. Nursing schools use it as an indicator of how well a person would do on the NCLEX. Its broken done into every subject that is covered in nursing school. On the website, there are practice exams that you could take. The website is
  4. by   sweet_grl
    thank u for that info. for the ATI program do we have to sign up? take classes? how does it work? if u can give me little more info on it pls. n ll look up for the practice exam on that website, thank u for it.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Go to any major bookstore and look through the NCLEX review books in the nursing books section. Pick out the one that looks best for you and get started. Good luck.