license expiration

  1. when your license you have to take another exam like the NCLEX...hardest thing ever. I pray not
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  3. by   Jolie
    If you keep your license current and in good standing (by renewing on time and completing the renewal requirements such as CEU's, current practice requirements, etc.) you will not have to repeat NCLEX.

    If you let your license lapse or fail to meet the renewal requirements set by your state BON, you may have to either take a refresher course or repeat NCLEX in order to obtain a new license.

    A very wise nursing instructor advised our class to always keep our original license current. I have done so for over 20 years, even though I've lived out of state for most of that time. It has served me well when I've needed to endorse my license to a new state due to moving.
  4. by   rnoncology
    Thanks for such quick response. I feel better now!
  5. by   Kis4KittyRN
    My license expired because I had moved to another city and forgot to notify the nursing board. Thus, when the license renewals were mailed out, mine was returned to them address unknown. Only when my place of employment requested to see our new licenses did I realize I had not received mine nor had I received the renewal form. When I made a quick call to the nursing board, I discovered my license had expired a month or so earlier and I could not work as an RN until my license was renewed which would take another month or so. When asked if there was any way I could expedite the procedure, I was told if I could come to the nursing board, I could pay the license fee and walk out with my new license. Because I live in Columbus, I went down to the board that morning. When they looked through their return file, and found my renewal form marked "Address Unknown. Return to Sender," we realize my license was not renewed only because I had moved and had neglected to give the board my new address. In my case, they were very understanding. My license had expired as an oversight; however, I could not have worked as an RN until my license was renewed. Because there had been no problems in my work during that time of working without a license, they told me not to worry about it. But, I was reminded that in the future should I relocate again, to please remember to let them know. I asked them that day what happens when a person loses their license or it expires? You can't work until you have it renewed. They said nothing about taking the state boards again. I can't speak for everyone but that is what happened in my case.
  6. by   CaseManager1947
    Word to the wise- we had a co-worker who moved here from Okla, didn't quite understan d the new license rules. and hers was lapsed for a month before she discovered it. Was honest, told the bosses, they still fired her.
    for working w/o a license which in kansas is also fraud, too.

    so...dont let that baby lapse. make sure you get ceus like you are required,
    dot all i's on the re-app form etc. and get in to the po box on time.
    welcome to nursing, by the way. I hope you have found your passion in nursing. and stoke the fires of that passion with some care for the care-giver now and again. you know... mental health day vacation . periodically,
    have fun with friends, laugh, go see a great movie, whatever . and good luck in your career!!

    Morghan in Wichita, ks
  7. by   rnoncology
    Thanks for all the input.. I have learned alot being a new grad. I am sooo excited about nursing. I will be working in oncology. I will treat my license like my first born child. lol Thanks again