Let's support eachother! We will pass the NCLEX! Let's support eachother! We will pass the NCLEX! | allnurses

Let's support eachother! We will pass the NCLEX!

  1. 2 I have been pretty active on this site since I failed my first attemp at the NCLEX-RN about two weeks ago. Mostly because I was so embarassed, and did not know where to turn where I could relate to other people. Briefly, I graduated in May, cum-laude, from a very good nursing school. After graduation, I went on vaca for two weeks and then studied for four weeks for the NCLEX-RN. I had done some ATI questions during the last semester, and decided to not use virtual ATI because it seemed tedious. Instead, I used mostly the saunders book, and the PDA book to study. Like many of you that have failed, I was shocked, crushed, angry, devastated etc when I did the PVT trick and got the dreaded CC page. Two days later, the quick results confirmed I had failed. It took me a few days to recover, but thanks to the encouraging words from family, friends, co-workers and members on this site I realized life is not over, and I WILL PASS the NCLEX-RN on the second try, which is scheduled for early Sept. Praying and coming closer to GOD has helped me see this as only a hurdle on my journey to success. I am using virtual ATI, kaplan strategies book, mosby's pharm notecards, and pda, study-guide on this site to study for my second attempt.

    I remember how hopeless I felt when I found out I failed, so I thought it would be helpful to have a place where people who did not pass the first time could share new study habits, methods, ways they are coping, prayers. Anybody who failed and then passed on their second, third etc try please help us stay motivated too!

    Best of Luck to all! WE CAN DO THIS!
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    I took nclex on July 11th, I got all 265 questions! And did not feel confident at all leaving the testing center, I actually cried on my way home. I did not get the good pop up and found out I officially failed once I did the quick results. I cried for two days, I felt defeated. My nursing class has a facebook page where we helped each other out during school and seeing all the posts of how they passed and are now working made me feel even more depressed. But after two days of feeling down I told myself everything was going to work out. Like you this has brought me closer to God.

    I studied using Saunders and I did the Hurst review. My 2nd attempt is scheduled for August 26th. I am feeling more confident than before.

    Now I wake up at 7am and try to study for 5 hours everyday. I am using the memory notebooks of nursing, saunders cd and nclex-rn from prep-u.

    I am determined to pass this test this time around! WE CAN DO IT!!!!
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    Yes let's do this!!!
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    I did the Kaplan and the questions were really good but I think Kaplan focuses really hard on test taking strategies. I can't do Kaplan again because I remember answers. I read all the rationales too. So this time around I'm doing the PDA book, Saunders CD for SATA questions, and NCSBN because I hear for the content aspect it's really good. Hopefully I can save up enough funds for the hurst review too. This time I'm more optimistic and determined!
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    Good luck to you guys! Stay positive and focused. You will conquer the NCLEX this time!
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    We can do this!!! God will bless us! I did Kaplan,Saunders and PDA. I agree that Kaplan is more on strategies,after been inactive for 6 yrs, I feel like I have to do more studying. I was depressed too when I failed. But we'll just move forward and be positive!
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    hey u guys im new here i grad in 2012 and took a year off to get away. i took my first nclex on the 16th of this month and my test shut off at 75 ?s i was scared i thought i had failed.... but two days later i was shocked that i passed i still cant believe it..... if u guys want this book really helped me and i was told by others this helped them pass too... hope this helps

    Amazon.com: Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for the NCLEX Examination, 2e (9780323065702): Linda LaCharity, Candice K. Kumagai, Barbara Bartz: Books
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    Quote from butter&jelly
    We can do this!!! God will bless us! I did Kaplan,Saunders and PDA. I agree that Kaplan is more on strategies,after been inactive for 6 yrs, I feel like I have to do more studying. I was depressed too when I failed. But we'll just move forward and be positive!

    No don't get depressed! That's worst thing you can do right now because it will put a block in your mind the next time.WE CAN DO THIS! we are not alone!! Contact me if you're feeling down because i didn't pass either.
    Here is what I'm doing differently.
    1. I'm studying 4 hours a day starting today. My parents (God bless them) went and purchased the online Hurst review for me. I plan on doing that for Two hours. Read what I learned from Hurst with Saunders that should take about an hour. Finally, an hour with the PDA book.

    2. I'm going to the library to study. I usually study at home (during nursing school it was totally fine) this time I want absolute silence.

    3. When I go to the library I'm leaving my cell phone in the car. The world could be coming to an end. I don't business until my 4 hours of studying are complete.

    4. I'm going to use my report from NCLEX and curtail my studying around that.

    5. I'm not doing questions until about 3 weeks before I retest!

    6. I'm telling myself I can do it! Benjamin Franklin failed 10,000 times before he invented the lightbulb! He never said he failed he said "I just found 9,999 ways that didn't work!" I went To a fantastic nursing school, and I have all the tools. My first attempt at NCLEX that study method didn't work for me! Now I'm going in with a new and improved method that WILL work! sorry for the novel!
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    Ben Franklin didn't invent the light bulb. It was Thomas Edison
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    Quote from RedVet1999
    Ben Franklin didn't invent the light bulb. It was Thomas Edison

    Hahaha yea Thomas Edison. Franklin assisted in the Constitution.
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    Good luck to all of you. I took the RN NCLEX on Friday july19 and failed now times 2. I did a review course 1 hour travel each way for one very hot week then studied straight for 2 weeks. Still failed. I sit home no job no Rn. I am a LPN but can't find work. I will not put myself through another exam. In jersey you only have 3 shots. I read how some have taken it 9 times thats just crazy. I quess I will try getting a job at dunkin donets thats about all I good for. Again good luck Julie Carr JCSN2001@aol.com