keep calm even though i know its hard to

  1. Hi guys just stopped by to help calm some anxiety!! So i took the nclex june2813 and the test shut off at 75 questions, boy i was super nervous leaving the testing center, i started at 2 and when i got to my phone which i left in the car it was 3, i was like oh no i rushed, i had iffy feeling couldn't quite say if i passed or failed so i tried the PVT and got the good pop still A bit skeptical i kept checking and readings other stories about the PVT so today june 30 13 I paid for the quick results lo and behold that for letter word appeared PASS!! So my advice to others take a deep breath don't second guess yourself you got it u can pass no matter how many question you go to!! Good luck to all!!! =))
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    Its so hard to keep calm!!! Im stressing out over here not knowing where do I start. I graduated 6/14 and now I am suppose to be studying to take my test. Problem I have no idea where to start. What did you use? Can you please help me get on the right tract?
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    I studied ATI and a resource call 10k NCLEx questions which i received one question per day via email. At my school through our tuition we paid for a live review from ATI and we were give special codes to practice test so i used that along with an ATI app i purchased my 1st semester of nursing school, i would do about 100 questions per day choosing different categories of nursing ie management, psychosocial integrity....ect!! Ultimately what worked best for me was my undying faith and prayer!! Key things to remember is to know your content, remember the basic things like PPE, i was only given two med questions luckily i knew both!!