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    I have a question. I am taking my boards next Wednesday(the 23rd). I purchased kaplan's qbank and I'm doing 200 questions per day ( I'll be done with them by this Saturday). Anyways, these questions are very challenging and they really do keep me on my toes. I know I should not get hung up on predictor scores because the nclex rn is one unpredictable exam BUT My qbank average is anywhere from 54%-68% and I can't find it anywhere on the kaplan site where it explains what an "average" qbank test scores should be. BTW: never in my life have I ever scored less then 80% on nursing exams (seeing 54%-68% hurts my big heart lol )

    Thank you!
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  3. by   soxchick11
    Hey I took Kaplan too, its tough to try to judge your Q-Bank score because it depends how many questions your doing at a time. Don't worry so much on the scores but definitely focus on learning and understanding the rationales. They told us that getting in the 60-65% range is doing really well. Keep up at it and good luck!
  4. by   HopeandFuture
    We were told that 54% was the benchmark for Kaplan tests, so 54-68% sounds like you're doing well! When we first got Kaplan at our school (part of our tuition now) we had to take some of the Kaplan Integrated Tests, and we were all worrying about getting scores in the 60's. Our instructor told us that those scores were fine.
  5. by   noyesno
    They told me in class to shoot for a 65% with the Q-Bank.
  6. by   HopeandFuture
    Quote from noyesno
    They told me in class to shoot for a 65% with the Q-Bank.
    65% sounds better to me. I think I will try to shoot for that too.
  7. by   noyesno
    Just saw this:

    On page 28 of the Kaplan book it says, "Aim for 60% correct on Question Trainer Test 6 and 7 and all Qbank questions."

    Feel free to lower your standards.
  8. by   HopeandFuture
    Thanks for the update! 60% sound so much easier to reach...much less pressure! I guess if I get 65% it will be even better, but I will try not to panic with a 60%.

    Good luck in your classes!
  9. by   jbjints
    Did you purchase the commercial Kaplan book at a book store or did you buy the bank directly from Kaplan?


  10. by   HopeandFuture
    Quote from jbjints
    Did you purchase the commercial Kaplan book at a book store or did you buy the bank directly from Kaplan?


    Our Kaplan Q-bank is on the Kaplan web site. It is included as part of our tuition. I think you can order it yourself through Kaplan though. I've heard that Kaplan is an excellent way to prepare for the NCLEX. I haven't done any of the Q-bank questions yet, but I will be starting on them this week.
  11. by   noyesno

    I am participating in Kaplan's "Classroom Anywhere" and the book came to me via UPS from Kaplan. The book was no additional charge, it's included with the class.

  12. by   jenfos2
    Hello! I am taking the Kaplan NCLEX review on line. I am also "freaking out" I feel like my test scores are horrible. I got a 61% on the diagnostic test, I have only done 3 question trainers and have gotten 65%-55%. The Q bank is really hard I have a cumulative of 53% and I am so upset. I take the NCLEX in 2.5 weeks and need to pass, I have a job waiting! Any advice?
  13. by   jenfos2
    I just posted a long story about my Kaplan test taking ability or inability! HA! Sounds like my scores are not bad, it is just so hard to see the low scores, in RN school that would have been a big fail. Did you take the NCLEX yet?
  14. by   prettyinpink57
    Hey jenfos2, I'm taking my NCLEX on Thursday and am sooo nervous!!! My scores on the question trainers were:

    Diagnostic Test = 67%
    NCLEX Readiness Test = 64%
    QT#1 = 56%
    QT#2 = 60%
    QT#3 = 61%
    QT#4 = 61%
    QT#5 = 59%
    QT#6 = 70%
    QT# = Still need to take this 265 question one which I'm planning on doing tomorrow...

    As far as the Q-bank, I have completed 76% of the questions with an average score of 64% which I'm happy with. Just in the past week my scores have been improving greatly, I even got a 78% on one of the practice 50 question tests I did yesterday! I am doing 50 questions (the max it lets you) at a time. If you do like 20 at a time it can throw off your scores...

    What about you, how are your scores looking? Any advice? Your big day is coming up soon right??

    And any advice anyone else has? Or other Kaplan scores prior to taking NCLEX? Just trying to see where I'm at.

    Happy studying!