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Hello :) I have a question. I am taking my boards next Wednesday(the 23rd). I purchased kaplan's qbank and I'm doing 200 questions per day ( I'll be done with them by this Saturday). Anyways,... Read More

  1. by   Shem01
    Quote from mstobe_RN
    Welcome.. im from va, im still waiting for my att.. hopefully I can take this month.. really need to pass the exam badly, really need to start working. How abt you?
    Mstobe hello there!! I am waiting for my ATT as well..how long have you been waiting for it?They said we can call the pearsonvue if we havent received it in a month..
  2. by   Shem01
    Hey guys add me on fb! itll be easier to talk using that i guess! shelltomato@yahoo.com
  3. by   vnickor
    Hi guys, just a comment. When I was waiting for my ATT, it took forever....I had to call my state's BON, they're the one giving the Green Light to Pearson Vue to send your ATT. So that's my 2 cents. hehehehe