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I just started my kaplan review last monday and followed its study plan. So far I'm on Phase 1, I took the diagnostic test and scored 51%. Then, I took the question trainers 1-3 and these are my... Read More

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    Quote from nurseatheart2013
    I passed Nclex on my first try with 80 questions. My diagnostic test score was 40 and my qtrainers were ranging from 50s to 60s. It doesn't really matter what score you get as long as you understand how to answer the questions and the rationale of all your answers may it be right or wrong I could say Kaplan really prepared me. I found the Kaplan practice questions to be harder than the actual one. Review a lot of SATA questions. Kaplan has a whole test with all those alternative types of questions. That helped me master SATA questions and also the PDA La Charity book
    Thanks. What a relief again. But I still have a lot to go. Your comment makes me more determined though. When did you take the Kaplan alternative types of questions? I'm still on phase 1 and I am about to start watching their Lesson On Demand questions. Btw, Congrats!

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    Btw, how did you review for Jurisprudence Exam?
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    I did not. Haha I prayed then just took my time answering each question and did the eliminatiom strategy. More of common sense and google is a big help. Goodluck
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    So you can surf the net while taking the exam? wooah thanks for the info atom.
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