Kaplan Qbank - 50% to 60% ratings. What does it signify?

  1. Hi,

    I've been taking the exams on Kaplan's Qbank and most of my scores are 50 - 60% and I seldom score of 60% and above. I'm kinda frustrated coz I've been trying to raise my score but the highest I could get is like 65% and I average to 57%. Does it mean that I wont pass the NCLEX RN exam? In connection tothat, I'm planning to take it this last week of February. I'm reinforcing my knowledge with Saunder's 4th ed as for my supplemental reading. IDK what to do already. I used saunder's during my first take and answered all the questions on the CD but I didnt made it still. It would be my second take this coming Feb and with the score I'm getting to Kaplan, I feel an extensive deficiency on my knowledge coz I cant maintain my score 60% and above.

    I hope you guys could give me some advice regarding my situation in relation to the exam.
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  3. by   newRNsocal
    Did you do the whole Kaplan Course?
    I took the whole course and they said pretty much 60%+ is good. So when i was averaging 58% I got really scared. I passed my nclex on the first time though, just this month.
    the best thing to do is just do the kaplan qbank and trainers....know
    your basic labs (k, na, hbg, hct etc.)...and when you get to the
    testing site, just go in and do one question at a time. the last 4 days before my test i was doing about 200 questions a day. also if you have the content video that kaplan provides on its website, go through those videos and follow along in the book, its a good refresher.
  4. by   iriska_meller
    Kaplan is notorious for having the most difficult questions. When I was studying for my nclex I used Kaplan book and Saunders book. On saunders practice tests I usually got at least 85%, on Kaplan - 63 at best. Passed NCLEX with 75 uestions though. So keep practicing, read their rationales and all that, but don't obsess over numbers.
  5. by   waitingforthedream
    I received pretty much the same scores and passed NCLEX with 75 questions. You will be fine! Good Luck!
  6. by   mzjennx
    ok thats good to hear. im almost done with all my qbank questions but i have been scoring between 50 and 73%, As I keep studying and applying the decision tree, my score gets higher. I have been using Saunders and I score 65% and more. So I hope I do good on my NCLEX. I take mines next month.
  7. by   eriksoln
    When I scored between 70 and 75% Kaplan, I knew I was ready.

    Mosby's questions are good, very good. Get the book that has just questions, nothing else.

    www.statnursing.org Very good book too. IDK, might be a little late to help since your test is coming up though.