kaplan in nursing school and nclex readiness ?

  1. hey everyone

    i'm curruently in my 3rd semester of nursing school doing my PEDS/OB rotation and have been failing my kaplan tests (integrated / focused review) cut off scores (i've been getting 50-65%) on subjects ranging from med-surg, adult health, to PEDS/OB. it doesn't help that i dont really get to study for these because i have tons of school stuff already on my plate. my school sets a cut off score that you must pass by the time you reach the end of nursing school but you can keep repeating the kaplans.

    my question is this.. for those who have done these kaplan tests during nursing school (both the integrated / focused review ) and have taken the NCLEX, how well would you say that the kaplan scores gauge your success on the nclex??

    im just worried that my 50-65% scores are really low and that i should be more worried about the nclex .
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