Just took NCLEX July 5.

  1. Computer shut of 85 questions. Really scared about results. I've been emotional all weekend long. I had more questions than answers after I took it. Longest wait of my life. I feel like time is moving backwards just to taunt me.
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  3. by   okikatt
    Congratulations. I am waiting to get my dates to take my Nclex. I am a nervous wreck now. I can't imagine how I am going to be when I take it and when I'm waiting on the results. I have been told I can pay an extra fee to get my results quicker or to try and resign up for the test and if it won't let you then you have passed. Almost every nurse I know has said that the test shut off at 85 questions. I'm just hoping I pass no matter how many questions I have to take. LOL
  4. by   swoodard
    That's great. Virginia doesn't have quick results unfortunately so I'm out of luck. Study hard and good luck!
  5. by   swoodard
    I passed!!!!!
  6. by   okikatt
  7. by   chukwuneke
    congrats,i also took the exam on july 5th,my computer shut off at abt 80 questions,came home feeling like a failure and my board does'nt allow quick result but fortunately this morning,i went to Nursys-Nurse licence verification and to my greatest surprise,there is my name and licence no issued yesterday,friends told me it means i passed b/c they can give u licence no when u fail,am soo happy and grateful to God.