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Just took NCLEX PN

  1. 0 I just got done with my test. It stopped after 85 questions. There were so many sata and med questions... I really walked out with no idea whether I passed or not but now I am getting the good pop up so I have to believe I did. I just want to encourage anyone about to go take it. I felt like I was failing the whole time. There were questions that seemed like a foreign language to me and others that were so easy I was convinced I was failing. Just take it one question at a time and think about exactly what that question is asking and you will do great! Also, once a question is done, really do just forget about it and go on. You dont need to know everything or get every question right. Just think priority. Also, if you dont know the answer, eliminate some of the other answers if u can. That helped me. And remember, the majority of people pass the first time they take it. I hope this helps someone that is as nervous as I was. Good luck everybody!
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    Good luck!!
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    Congratulations Nurse!!!

    I give the same advice. :-)
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    Thank you... I passed!
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    I took the PN test on Saturday and this morning I found out I passed! I am so thankful to everybody on this site that offer their advice and experience. I know it helps me a lot. I hope I can do this well on my RN NCLEX after I graduate in December too. Good luck to everybody about to take the test!
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    Wow congrats! For meds do you consider we should know all side effects or know the meds by classification.
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    In my opinion you only need to know indications and classifications... pharmacology is definitely one of my weak areas and I knew pretty much all of the med questions...
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    Great thanks!