Just looking for some tips regarding studying for the NCLEX.

  1. Hello!

    Just looking for some tips regarding studying for the NCLEX.
    Only positive/helpful tips please! I have heard people say "it's not that bad" and I have heard the opposite. Any stress relieving/anxiety decreasing strategies would be great!
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  3. by   asoledad
    Are you taking NCLEX PN or NCLEX RN? Also, what review materials do you currently have and how many hours per day can you spend reviewing?
  4. by   all4neuro
    Pay for a weekend review course, and cont. reviewing the areas you feel are weak spots.

    Don't forget to study rehabilitation PT/OT/ST ..... just the basics as it pertains to nursing.

    Take it as soon as possible.

    Don't study the night before, or all day, the day before .... just relax and sleep well.

    Eat breakfast that morning.

    go thru and answer all the easy questions first, flag the ones you need to go back to answer. Most of the time, as your answering other questions the correct answer will come to you.

    Remember safety first! Some questions are over worded .... and the answer is a simple "implement Fall precautions".

    Practice on-line answering questions. This is important b/c you learn the test "pattern", "lay-out", and how the wording of the questions are ... this is very important prep. NCLEX isn't like other tests, you have to learn "what are they really asking me here?".
  5. by   jfb5143
    know your meds and know your precautions. i would recommend doing kaplans on demand course. i decided last minute to do it and completed it in a week. good luck!
  6. by   grad2012RN
    Prayer....... and see http://allnurses.com/nclex-discussio...no-853088.html. I did 1/10 of what she did and also passed with 75 questions. But, I highly recommend Trillion's route. Best wishes to you!