Just finished NCLEX RN 40 min ago...

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    i tried the pearson vue trick trick and i got a window that said "the candidate has an open registration for this exam. a new registration cannot be created at this time" did i pass? this is my 2nd try and i had all 265 questions and am freaking out

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    I took nclex pn few days ago. I did all 205 questions required for nclex pn. I got the same window too. Hope this trick really work for us too.
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    Did it say delivery successful ? It looks like a good pop up. Congrats. But there are thread that say its not reliable. Nevertheless. Have faith. It's more likely you passed
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    no it didnt say that, idk if its different bc im on a mac or not
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    wait for one more hour.....it takes a while to process, its should say something in the words of contact the board of nursing
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    oh wait, it did say that on the status part it says delivery successful
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    ok is it longer now?
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    i just tried it again and the same words came up
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    wait for a few minutes.....cuz when it says that they still havent processed ur results when it says "our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your member board for further assistance.Another registration cannot be made at this time. " GOOD LUCK. i took it today too...am getting the good pop up but i feel like i failed got 85 questions........let us know
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    ah mine didnt say contact my board of nursing just said exactly what was in quotes above, good luck too

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