In Cali, can PN check on BON if license number is there

  1. I recently took the NCLEX-PN on 08/20/11 and I was wondering if our name and license will appear on the BON. I did the pvt trick and I am getting the "good pop up" I also live in Cali which I've heard is different from other states. All feedback is appreciated. Thank you!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Your name is not going to appear online anytime soon because you have not paid for your license yet. Here is how the California BVNPT works...

    1. You receive your NCLEX-PN result by way of snail mail sometime next month.
    2. You mail a copy of your passing result, along with a $150 check, to the BVNPT.
    3. Once the BVNPT cashes the $150 check, they will issue you a license number.
    4. Soon after they issue the license number, it will appear online.

    Therefore, you will not be seeing your name and license number on the BVNPT website until late September or sometime in October. It is pointless to check their website right now. Good luck to you!
  4. by   futurehealthcarewrkr
    Thank you very much. I hope I did pass so I can start working... or looking for work I should say! thanks again!