I'm taking my NCLEX PN tomorrow can't sleep - page 2

I'm new to this forum. A lot of blogs have helped with my studying. I graduate June 29 and I actually was pregnant and had my baby July 28th my baby is 8 weeks and I've been pretty busy I also have a four year old and a husband... Read More

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    aww, that sounds like a perfect way to celebrate! thank u for your response. this upcoming test is giving me severe insomnia from stress and lack of confidence :/ i will keep on my kaplan though. i have been averaging 54 to 65%(or so). doing hurst videos now for content. ive only gotten through 3 videos (fluids and electrolytes, acid base balance, and ortho). ive just taken notes on paper as i go through them. im suprised how much ive learned, remembered, and applied to practice questions(as far as content). i recommend everyone to do hurt online videos if they can. im hoping to get my kaplan scores up. u said 60% or so. im still getting in the 50's also. ughh! I WILL PASS just as u. and yes im going to have drink too lol!

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