I'm done with all the questions...now what?

  1. Hello everyone! Well, first of all, I'm taking nclex on Dec 1st. I'm doing Saunders, the green one and I'm done doing all the questions in the cd. I'm actually just redoing the questions and getting 80% to 90%. I did not read the book at all because it stresses me out reading it. It's too much information! I don't know what to do next. I still have over a week before the test. Any suggestions??
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  3. by   littleone17
    was saunders the only book u've used to review for the nclex? it's a great content book no doubt about that but u must need to know that the nclex is an exam that tests mostly on strategies and critical thinking.. based on ur scores ur doing great at content, but i would suggest u answer difficult questions, like the ones in LACHARITY book everyone's crazy about these days.. it's a great book about prioritization and delegation and the nclex asks majority of those type of questions.. anyway goodluck to you..if u believe ur physically and mentally ready for the nclex-pn, only u are the one to decide to go in for the battle

    i wish u all the best future comrade..God bless and takecare
  4. by   Double-Helix
    Go online and find some free NCLEX practice questions. Just practice breaking down the questions and answering them for the next week. Find ones with rationales if possible. Don't do the Saunder's questions anymore. Your scores on the re-takes aren't accurate because you've seen the questions already. You'll be more focused on remembering the answer than analyzing the questions. Take the day off before the test and relax. Get some sleep and go into the NCLEX well rested.
  5. by   katrene555
    Thanks you guys for the replies! I only used one book because I't was easier for me. I tried doing Kaplan and Saunders together but I felt like they contradict each other a little bit, for example; on Kaplan you have to assume that everything is with physicians order but on Saunders on the rationale they always say that you need a physicians order to do certain things. That is why I decided to just do Saunders and focus on that. I will probably do harder questions online and not redo those questions anymore, because your right Ashley, those scores are not accurate anymore. Thank you again!
  6. by   virtouso
    Katrene, 2 b honest I don't believe in kaplan because you will never know wat ur going to get on the nclex there are no strategy , its not everytime abc or maslow or assessment when I took it its all critical thinking mostly your own judgement but u have to mix it up with ur knowledge, to me wat I did is I really try to find the 2 best anwers all the time then decide from there which one is 100 percent and which one is 50 percent....pls try not to expect that you will see similar questions you will see similar concept..but ofcourse meds n disease u have to knw it by heart those are easy to figure out because there will be no more than 2 answer unlike delegating prioritizing or funda there's 3 or more answes. Good luck on your test ill pray for u
  7. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    My friend used both Saunders and Lippencott. She failed the NCLEX the first time using Saunders. Personally, I didn't like Saunders because I felt the questions were too easy. I scored between 70%-80% before reviewing the chapters and when I did the questions as a post test I got 90%-100%. I thought I was prepared. Once I went in to take the NCLEX I felt like an idiot and cried after I got to my car. I thought I failed. Mind you I'm in CA and the golden state doesn't participate in the quick results. Two weeks later I tried the PVT and got the good pop up. My friend went to 205 and she failed using Saunders. Someone recommended Lippencott so she tried it. She felt those questions were a bit more challenging and were more NCLEX style. She felt fully prepared when she went in the 2nd time and passed with 86 questions.
  8. by   Zadia
    I just took the NCLEX Monday and was actually freaking out bc I didn't study Saunders much. All my fellow classmates who has taken and passed the exam have used Saunders to practice and passed. I would go to your school library and find a different nc,ex book and do questions from that. Read over the thread of "throwing ideas" out or whatever it's called, it's from allnurses.com. That helped me out a bit. Don't freak out. You'll be ok!!! Narrow it down to two and pick the best one out of the two. If you don't know what the question is asking...look for answers that are similar and eliminate those answers. Thats what I did and it worked! Good luck!!