I passed the NCLEX!! - page 4

I took my exam today at 1:45pm and walked out after 75 questions. Did the PVT trick and it would not let me register :) I told God that if I had pass then I would write to those who are unsure or feeling hopeless because I was... Read More

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    congrats new nurse!!!

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    Congrats! i'll be taking nclex next month. I've been doing kaplan q trainer but it doesn't have SATA. my scores were 60 and above. im very anxious and worried especially now that they'll be increassing the passing rate on april 1.
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    Hey mariah, do u want to talk over the review, since i will be taking mine real soon..
    Quote from mariah09
    im almost 8days away from my nclex exam and i dnt know what to read and focus on this few remaining days urgh
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    congrats RN!!!!...taking mine next week... hoping also to pass it on the first try....

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