I passed the NCLEX!! - page 3

I took my exam today at 1:45pm and walked out after 75 questions. Did the PVT trick and it would not let me register :) I told God that if I had pass then I would write to those who are unsure or... Read More

  1. by   SchnoorRN
    Took my NCLEX yesterday too. I passed after 75 questions

    WE'RE NURSES!!!! No more NCLEX questions
  2. by   anjaniHan
  3. by   scrubtech904
    Peppermint P thank you for the encouragement, very much needed! And BIG Congrats 2u I hope and pray I will be witnessing the same in about a month!
  4. by   positivevibes
    Congratulations!! I'm happy for you!

    Anyways, I'm also taking the exam next month and I'm so anxious! When you took kaplan, what were your grades in most test? I'm taking Kaplan right now and my grades are not that high. I'm worried that I won't pass since the rates will increase next month.
  5. by   70east
    congrats new nurse!!!
  6. by   neliztanee
    Congrats! i'll be taking nclex next month. I've been doing kaplan q trainer but it doesn't have SATA. my scores were 60 and above. im very anxious and worried especially now that they'll be increassing the passing rate on april 1.
  7. by   stephanie11
    Hey mariah, do u want to talk over the review, since i will be taking mine real soon..
    Quote from mariah09
    im almost 8days away from my nclex exam and i dnt know what to read and focus on this few remaining days urgh
  8. by   schizo
    congrats RN!!!!...taking mine next week... hoping also to pass it on the first try....