I passed the NCLEX-RN! Here's my advice!! I passed the NCLEX-RN! Here's my advice!! - pg.2 | allnurses

I passed the NCLEX-RN! Here's my advice!! - page 2

I just found out I passed the NCLEX-RN!!! For those who are interested I used the following: For Books Read most of Kaplan Book (A great summary of everything) Saunders (For reference)... Read More

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    Quote from bw2012
    I'm taking it in Louisiana how about you? What are you using to prepare
    Thanks! I can not send personal messages more then 2 in hour. So I write here.
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    Quote from bw2012
    congrats RN! Im using kaplan as a main resource and have completed 100% qbank with scoring 60% I also did all the qtrainers1-7 avg b/w 50-60's. Im not sure if im ready enough...how were your scores
    Thank you so much bw2012! To tell you the truth when I first started out with Kaplan my scores were so low!! They were in the 40s...yeah i know TERRIBLE! At this time i was taking the Kaplan classroom program and my scores were consistent 40s-50s. Then i decided to do some intensive studying on my own and went to another review program. Then when i was confident with my content knowledge i took the Kaplan q-bank and started off in the 60s. What a leap huh? Then as i kept studying it increased to high 60s-mid 70s. So just keep studying and the more your scores will keep improving! Don't give up :]