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I PASSED... I think...

  1. 0 So, I just took the NCLEX about 30 minutes ago. I tried to register a new exam and I was given the "Good" pop-up but for some reason it does not show the link for quick results next to the test I just took. Is it too soon? Am I one of the unlucky few who get the pop-up and still failed!? oh man the feelings of being elated are now being expunged once again by terror! Any one know what this means??
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    It's too soon to know anything. Best wishes, though! Try to stay calm.
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    You have to wait for that link. It comes up within 48 hrs of taking the exam...but u did pass!!! Congrats!!!
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    Did u take the pn or rn one?
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    I took the RN. :] I'm feeling very confident, but don't want to get my hopes too high. Everyone from my school that I have been able to reconnect with has said that they got the pop-up when it said "delivery successful" but before the quick results were available and they passed. So I'm hoping, fingers crossed, that I'm in the same boat. I will finally be able to breathe once is see the actual paper in my hand.
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    Thank you :]
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    Did you get official results yet? I'm feeling good about it!