I just might projectile vomit while waiting for my NCLEX-RN results - page 2

seriously... I've got to wonder WHY IN GOD'S NAME California doesn't participate in "quick results". They could charge $40 for them here to make money for the BRN or Arnold Schwarzenegger or whoever... it wouldn't matter.. I... Read More

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    thought I would post a quick update... on 01-28-2010 at 1:30am my name suddenly appeared on the CA BRN website!!!!!!! WHEW!
    I have to say I keep looking at it because I still can't believe I am seeing MY name with "registered nurse" !! yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I can't take it anymore took my test on the 20 and still nothing. One of my friends took it on the 15th and it it yesterday and one took it the 25th and got it.....what about me.....I keep getting the good Pearson vue pop up saying I recently scheduled a test but don't even know. I think my school was lame with transcripts cause I called and they said my degree hadn't posted which is what the transcript has to say....haven't gotten the official word from the transcript office. I can't take it anymore. All my coworkers are checking even more than me and are giving me more of an ulcer
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    You know I just don't even understand why we have to wait 48 hours when they know the results almost instantly. But God forbid I lived in CA!!! I can't imagine waiting longer than 48 hours for my results!!! I feel sorry for you. I felt like projectile vomiting!

    But if you got the good pop up, then fear not my nurse friend! You passed!! It worked for me.
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    I think the reason that CA doesn't participate in the quick results is because they allow you to go ahead and take the NCLEX before they have all of your transcripts. I'm in TX and we had to have all of that sent in and our files complete with the BON before we could be sent an ATT. Luckily, TX participates in quick results! Good luck!

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