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Hey guys!!!!! I'm so happy and proud to inform you all that i just killed the Monster. So do you wanna hear the story? haha..ok good.:up: But first of all, i wanna give a little background about myself,I am a foreign... Read More

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    Quote from ruskenzRN
    thank you for the greetings patri.. about SATA you reli don't need to get it that right but it is additional factor to get it right.. what i mean to say about you don't need to get it right always because what i know is the level of the exam questions is like an elevator... first they will give u the lowest which is the knowledge, 2nd is the lower,which is the comprehension,, 3rd is the higher which is the application 4th where sata and drag and drop are included "the analysis" application and analysis are above passing standards so getting the 3rd level will keep you safe to pass nclex.. but as to SATA.. the technique that i had used were:

    1)read the questions carefully..click on the ans, you think right.. same as through with making it true or false
    2) after clicking it, read all your ans. that you had just clicked. it is a must that you must have at least two ans. for example there are 6 choices and you clicked 3 ans on those choices.. read again the ans that you had chose then rationalize. If there is one choice which is if your in doubt it is safe to discard that choice .familiar with the rule in sterile area in OR "if in doubt ,discard" so that is the safest thing you can add on your strategy and it worked for me... Godbless ma friend and wishin' you all the best to your upcoming exam...
    Sounds like a pretty good technique to answer SATA questions correctly. Imma try out this one. Thanks for sharing!

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    Quote from purplechicxiii
    Sounds like a pretty good technique to answer SATA questions correctly. Imma try out this one. Thanks for sharing!
    try it big sis it reli worked for me..hope you pass haaaay im with you
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    Hi ruskenzRN, Congratz!, and congrats to all who passed the NCLEX!
    Hell0 everyone, Can anyone tell me how long I need to wait for my ATT from the board of Hawaii ,I am here in the philippines now. CGFNS submitted my CES report to the Board of Hawaii 2 weeks ago. can't wait to receive my ATT so that I will be able to schedule my exam with Pearson Vue. Hope you guys can help me :-) Thank you.
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    i processed my CEs from december 2010 to july 2011..receive my eligibilty 1st week of aug 2011, register to pearsonvue and receive my ATT on the 3rd week of august 2011... so the ANS to your question is about 1-2 mo.s after completing CES
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    Thnank you for the quick response ruskenzRN
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    no problem nette_mj hehehehe
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    great post! Congratulations!
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    Haha! Congratulations!
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