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I hope I pass!!!

  1. 2 So after 2 months of waiting for BRN to fix my name, i was finally able to test.. I had spent 2 months to prepared for this test, even when my name wasnt fix i still make time to study (even if it was only 10 questions per day). The week of my test which was today 7/29/11.. i had a panic attack 2 days before my date because i was doing practice questions and was getting alot of wrongs. at this point i thought about rescheduling. but my HUBBY, FAMILIES, AND FRIENDS told me not to..

    today, i am glad i didnt. I got 75 questions and took the test in 45mins. When i got done i didnt feel like i fail or anything. I didnt feel any anxiety or panic at all. Instead of going home I took a drive around town to reflect how i did on the test. When i got home i finally got the courage to do the PVT and i got the good pop up. Now I can only hope that i did pass.

    I got tons of interventions and teaching, few of sata, few of drag and drop the answers in the correct order. no math (thank god), 1 ekg strip which was asking for an intervention and it was a simple strip.

    I highly recommend HURST, Saunders test strategies and learning extension (NCSBN) site because that was all that i did. I find that the questions format were exactly alike to learning extension and similar questions were found on NCLEX! I did a total of 3000 questions (2000 while i was waiting for my name to be fix and 1000 in the week of my test date) from my iphone app: mosby and saunders. My practice test i was scoring in the 60-70s (i now no not to worry about those scores).

    good luck to u and me!!! ALSO GOD WAS A BIG PART OF MY LIFE DURING THE WEEK OF MY TEST DATE. I pray every chance i remember too.. SO THANK YOU GOD for always being by my side.
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    Congratulations!! GOD is GREAT!! I'm so happy for you!
    You just have to wait for everything to be "official", nonetheless, CONGRATS!!
    I hope and pray that I can say the same when I take the test this coming week..
    I feel like I have still much to learn and review, but I believe GOD is right here working
    through my fears and doubts, and soon I can say the same as you!!

    If you could mstacyi, please include me in your prayers as well..
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    I will pray for u too as i am cont to pray for couple more friends to pass too. Good luck!!! Let us no how u do after ur test.
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    Aww, thank you mstacyi! I will not forget this kind gesture..
    I will also pray for your friends as well, may we all be guided by the same hands as guided you.. Great is our Lord!

    I will let you know, congratulations again! and good luck to your friends as well..
    God Bless!
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    Good luck with your official results.
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    I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote from mstacyi
    I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope, I'll say the same when I finish my exam.
    I'm doing hurst also. I'm learning a lot. I'm doing the questions in NCSBN. Hope this works.... Wish me luck...
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    good luck and i'll pray for u too.
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    Quote from mstacyi
    good luck and i'll pray for u too.
    thank you so much!!!!