I got a 71% on QT 7???

  1. I know everyone is posting things like "Kaplan says you're supposed to get __%" but all I heard from Kaplan was that above 60-65% you're good. Does anyone know how a 71% on the last question trainer is? I'm taking my exam in less than two weeks and am freaking out just a TAD. My overall qbank is a 68% and my other question trainers ranged from 58-73. Any advice/comments?

    Thanks everyone!
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  3. by   NurseGuyBri
    Hey! You're fine! I did 60-62 on ALL of my tests, but just don't stop doing the Q Banks. I passed NCLEX with 75 questions. Keep going and you will be fine!
  4. by   kelso1001
    I used all my Qbank already!!
  5. by   k.durham91
    I'm doing Kaplan also and I test in a week. I have done EVERYTHING except QT #7 which i'm saving for early next week. My Kaplan instructor said to aim for a 60% on QT 6 & 7 because they are harder questions and they are actually harder than NCLEX. I too have used all my Qbank questions so I'm kinda freaking out that I don't really have anything left to do except QT 7, but I guess there's not much I can do because I don't want to over study. According to everything I've heard from the grapevine and Kaplan instructor, a 71% is amazing, especially for QT 7 and you are definitely ready to test!
  6. by   davi000
    You doing wonderful. above 65% you will surely pass. just keep it up if you can. not like me i dont know what is wrong with me? i had QT 1 got 73% and QT 6 72% on 21 jan. made be feel confidient. but today again i did QT1 had 57%. look like i am going backward. i think just pray only GOD will help me.