I found the BEST way to study for NCLEX

  1. I graduated from nursing in Dec 2016 and we were given a 3 day course for the NCLEX put out by Evolve. I can honestly say the 3 day course was an entire waste of our time and I also believe the school picked it for financial gains. I was a 46 yr old nursing student with a family and time was always an issue with studying as you could imagine. I was told about UWorld from a friend and the rest was history, this product not only helped me prepare but instilled the confidence I needed. While using UWorld don't get hung up on the questions you get wrong just read all the rationales! I am in no way affiliated with UWORLD, I was just a stressed out nursing student that found an amazing way to prepare and pass NCLEX. Best part its cheap too! On March 23 I am proud to say I am know an RN thanks to UWorld!
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  3. by   Flnolegirl
    Congrats RN....once the completed the QB how did you continue to preapare
  4. by   joseyjo
    I am also using UWorld. While I do not consider it "cheap", it does seem to be really good
  5. by   Maryann28
    Aside from Uworld, how did you review content? I'm also preparing for nclex and I am worried.
  6. by   joseyjo
    I am just using Uworld. The questions are both testing strategy and content. I love the rationales, that the ability to review missed questions and those that you choose to flag.