Hurst vs Kaplan Nclex Review??

  1. Which test review would you recommend? I hear alot of people say Hurst is the best and others say Kaplan. From my understanding Hurst is a review of all the major information you learned during Nursing school, whereas, Kaplan, is more of a method they teach you on how to answer the questions corrrectly.
    Personally I wouldn't mind a refresher course on the information as well as more exposure to NCLEX style questions.....
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  3. by   sandra agas
    i prefer the hurst review than the kaplan. for me its easier to understand and retain the information in the mind. however, kaplan has good strategies in dealing with the questions but sad to say i didnt finish my kaplan book i only read the strategies on how to deal with the questions. good luck!
  4. by   Happyyolie
    I'm using both methods. My school payed for hurst, and I bought Kaplan. I used Kaplan a few years back when I took my nclex-PN. I passed on the first try, so Im using it again for my nclex-RN.

    My input is....go with Kaplan. You can buy a review book for way less than what hurst will cost. Kaplan will teach you test strategies, they will provide you with over 1300 qbank questions, on top of all the qtrainers. They will expose you to passing level-type of questions, the ones that will make you pass the nclex. In my opinion, totally worth the money.

    Hurst only provides 6 quizzes, 125 questions each.
  5. by   Danielle318
    I'm doing both. I say if possible use Hurst for content & Kaplan for questions & strategies.