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    Is the hurst or Kaplan RN nclex review worth taking? Is the online for either of them good to take?

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    Kaplan. Do the q trainer and q bank. You will pass.
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    I suggest using kaplan. Worth it. I only used it and passed on my first try
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    Passed in 75 off Hurst.
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    Due to finances I could not take any review courses but I did practice using Saunders and WOW it really did help so much!!
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    KAPLAN. It even LOOKS just like the NCLEX. Makes you feel more comfortable going in and worth it. I took mine yesterday and was calmed by seeing it so similar to Kaplan; even the colors are the same! Lots of practice questions too
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    It all depends. If you are strong in content, then take Kaplan. Their questions are harder and really get you to think critically. If you are not the strongest in content, Hurst might be better. Regardless, you can always look up what it is that you do not know. Review the rationales and continue to do Qs. Then take tests of all the Qs you answered incorrectly. In 3 weeks, I answered about 5000 Qs btw finishing both ATI and Kaplan. I passed in 75. A friend of mind did Hurst and ATI and he also passed in the minimum.
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    Hurst - Content
    Kaplan - test taking strategies and tests that tell you your weak spots

    Consider both: Hurst for Content, and Kaplan tests to check your progress

    I actually liked feuer for content.
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    For all those that used Hurst, did you find that you needed to supplement content or was their lecture enough content for the exam? (Practice questions aside).
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    I did Hurst, and got great results. But I needed more. I believe that I was the exception rather than the rule though. So I combined it with Feuer, and got the results that I needed. Hurst taught me to think on my feet. Feuer finished it up for me on content.
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