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    Can anyone tell me what all is sent to u when u purchase the online hurst review.

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    [FONT=SolomonNormalRegular]19 basic review videos, 8 specialty topic review videos, and pdf workbook pages you can print out on your own. You can watch the videos as much as you want, or you can choose to do audio instead. You also get 6 Q-review tests at the end. I did the live and online classes and it helped me a lot.
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    can u find the pdf pages online anywhere
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    I reccomend it as well. Just began it and already I feel like it's helping me remember and tie things together. Good if you're visual!
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    is there a book that comes with the online review or are there a lot of pages to print out in the pdf
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    Hurst review is good money... I used it and passed in 75 questions. I thought it was very solid.
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    And no, you have to print out the pdf packets somewhere. I used my colleges library for that.
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    rdtolly, if you download them all you can go to and upload them all at once online to be printed at a local Staples. 10c a page for black and white and they hole punched it, emailed me when it was done an hour later to pick up (FYI)
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    hey searay thanks for all the info...are there a lot of pdf's kinda like a book size?
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    it ended up printing out to about 250 pages I believe but don't be discouraged.. big fonts, lots of spacing, it's not as overwhelming as it sounds. it's a very neat review of the content!
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