1. Hi y'all i have been an LPN for bout 3yrs now, and i graduated from the ADN program last may. I've taken the NCLEX RN 3 times now and still haven't passed. I took the ATI review in round 1, HURST review on round 2, and had a personal tutor for round 3. And since Im not a quitter I'm going in for round 4 soon and was just wondering if anybody has any tips to success? It's extremely frustrating to already be a nurse and not be able to pass this test. If anyone has any suggestions/tips/advice/magic fairy dust I'd be much appreciative
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  3. by   whitneygreen
    Really? I did Hurst buy very very hardcore. Know that core content along with the sheets the give you on your day 5 material. Meds all the way to crutches. I also did all of their q-review questions. Youve already paid for it so don't give up. I did all those and made sure I knew the content before moving on and passed with 75 questions on jan 28th
  4. by   EMEddie
    How many practice questions do you do per day and total leading to your exam? Also, are you having issues selecting the right answer because you lack content or because you get confused when analizing/critical thinking?

    The key is studying content intensly for 2-3 weeks and then do questions every day, ~200 per day and reading rationales for right/wrong answers right away. If something on the question you dont know, right and then google it, read about it and understand it. Cofidence is the other thing, you need to believe in yourself and know that you know this. Dont answer questions using your clinical judgement gained in clinicals or working, remmeber that NCLEX is by what the book says.
  5. by   lwaustin
    Ive done 100 questions per day (except weekends) went over content with the HURST review and had a personal tutor to help me break down the questions. I was even hypnotized for test anxiety. I do believe that I have trouble with what the book says and what I'd actually do. But my big thing is select all that apply questions. Each time ive taken the test there were TONS of them. I will definitely beef up my # of questions per day. Thank u
  6. by   kym.stclaire
    As a working LPN you will need to remember to answer questions according to the book and not from your work experience. The two are VERY different.