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Hey everyone, I recently just passed my NCLEX, but before I found out, I was going crazy, trying to find out whether I pass or fail and how/where to find the results. I thought I could provide some... Read More

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    just took my boards for RN today, tried the trick where to sign up again and it does lead you to put your credit card info in, has it been wrong and you really passed?
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    May be someone can help me. When I was trying this trick it has been asked me to provide Country of graduation, the school name and the city or the program code. I graduated from medical College in Ukraine. And as soon as I put Ukraine as a country of graduation it blocks the other information. Did any foreign graduator have the same problem. Any suggestion?
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    Hello! I got the message 'our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam, another registration cannot be made at this time., But without "contact your member board for further assistance" Does it make any difference?
    Thank you!
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    I heard that they stopped asking you to contact the BON in the popup quite some time ago. It sounds to me like you passed. Congrats!
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    Thank YOU!!!
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    I've always known that pop-up to mean you passed. That's waft I got and I passed.
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    Congrats!!! But I still want to pay this $8 to the Pearson Vue to be 100% sure. Just to calm myself.
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    Wow! I did pass! The trick works 100%!

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