How long will it take to receive ATT?

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    My school mailed off my paperwork Monday, August 11, 2013. Graduated Friday, August 16, 2013. I was fingerprinted today and a few hours later I received email confirmation that I was registered for the NCLEX. After that, I got another email from Pearsonvue that contained a receipt for payment for the NCLEX that was made on my behalf by my school, as well as a candidate ID number. How long will it take until I receive authorization to test? I haven't received correspondence from the BON yet. I'm in Michigan. Please do not move this thread to the Michigan forum.

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    Once the bon here in nj notified Pearson that I was registered snd they had my letter of completion that is when Pearson emailed the att#. I registered w/bon 7/28 and I received the att last Thursday 8/16 ( but Nj bon is very very slow).
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    I'm in Illinois and every state is different but it took about 4 weeks from the time they had my paperwork completed until the time I got my ATT.
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    Hi I'm from Texas, I paid Pearson 8/16 6 am and got my att same day 8/16 at 10 am which I was surprised but I had paid BON 2 weeks before that.
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    I think each state is different but I'll try to "speak" for California. I did fingerprinting and mailed off my application in early April. I registered with Pearson in late June and paid the $200 test fee. My school sent out a list of students expected to graduate in mid July to the CA BRN (this step may be state specific). I graduated August 10th. I called the CA BRN on August 14 bugging them about my eligibility to test (yea, it was only 4 days after I graduated, so what???) and they said that they received the roster and will make me eligible within 5 days. Received my ATT via email the next day. My classmates who did not register with Pearson beforehand received their ATTs sooner after registering (me and another classmate spread the word that the ATTs were out).

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