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Hello everyone! I graduated from my LPN program in November and recently received my ATT. I have to admit I've slacked off on my studies and just been working my butt off to catch up on my loans/ bills. I've now started a... Read More

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    Quote from mscryslvn
    I graduated 10/19/12, I sat for my boards 11/27/12... Found out i passed 11/29/12. I used Exam Cram-PN both books. (Med/Surg Review and book of practice questions) A fellow classmate and myself studied non-stop for 2wks prior to testing everyday. We did over 1,000 questions. 100-150 everyday. And DID NOT STUDY THE DAY BEFORE EXAM! Just looked over cheat sheet from book, THAT'S IT! Ate a good breakfast and did the test in 1.5Hr. I passed at 85 questions. My friend passed @86! Soooo long story short... DON'T WAIT 6mths! Your bills will ALWAYS BE THERE!! The stuff you crammed in your brain from school will not... :-/

    My class graduated 11 LVN Evening Students:
    To date:
    - 1 Failed Boards
    (he tested within 2wks of finishing class...and was a horrible student)
    - 7 Are now LVN's
    - 2 still pending ATT
    - 1 pending approval from BON disclosure for a prior incident

    We all used Exam Cram-PN from Amazon... It's cheap, useful, and gets your license! But also don't forget, it plays a pivotal role in what you have actually learned in school!!! So if you were not a good student and barely passed/learned then you might need more HELP! :-/ Only you know your level of success!

    Good Luck!! :-D
    Thank you for your response! I've been doing 100 questions a day while I wait for my boss to approve my time off so that I can finally take my test. I was top of my class and didn't have a difficult time learning the material but just being done for so long and just getting back into it is a bit hard.

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    NCLEX RN 2 months after graduation and passed with 75Q
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    A month and 3 weeks after graduation, 3 weeks of hardcore studying before my NCLEX-RN, passed with 75 questions.
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    Quote from lildebbie
    A month and 3 weeks after graduation, 3 weeks of hardcore studying before my NCLEX-RN, passed with 75 questions.
    I wish I would've been able to take it soon after graduation but unfortunately my ATT took about 3 months to arrive. I just signed up with NCSBN, purchased Saunders and Exam Cram. I'm hoping to take within the next two months.

    Thanks for your reply
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    Not here to scare you a bit, but my nursing school has advised us that waiting more than 90 days after graduation, statistically, the pass rate dramatically decreases. Not that it can't be passed after 90 days, just that your chances greatly decrease. Those are just the facts. Good luck. You will find a way if you really want it!
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    Our LPN program is an 18-month program. Class of 2012 had a 100% pass rate first time for NCLEX. They've suggested ATI, had a review course after graduation, studied and reviewed questions until the got the green light to sit for NCLEX. Most of them took the exam 2-3 months after graduation but passed with the minimal amount of right answers needed (which scared many of them into thinking they'd failed) Happy to find out they hadn't and are now LPN'S!

    One student did however wait 6 months he did also pass but didn't recommend the wait. It doesn't mean it's impossible. Consider getting a few review books, a refresher course, or even ask your old instructors for some advice of what you can do to better your chances. Just review and don't stress after all you've made it through school! The hard part's over! Good luck!

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