How long before your NCLEX test date did you start studying? - page 2

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So I graduated at the end of last month and my school just sent our transcripts to the board on the 3rd. So obviously, I don't have a test date set just yet. I feel like I really need to start studying a lot, but I'm finding it... Read More

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    how was the test? what advice do u have
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    I got my ATT December 30, but couldn't decide on when to schedule. So I waited for my review session to start studying (which was Jan 3-5) and studied everyday for a month. I took it Jan. 31 and passed with 75 questions.
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    im nervous to take it on wed, any advice?
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    Do practice questions and zone in on your weaknesses. Whatever your weaknesses are, just spend some time on it. But just make sure that everything you study, you understand the "why" behind everything. This eliminates the need to memorize things. If you understand why, you don't have to memorize. Also, I did a lot of practice questions the day before. I know it's hard, but try to relax! Trust that you prepared yourself well!