How I used my resources to pass the NCLEX How I used my resources to pass the NCLEX | allnurses

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How I used my resources to pass the NCLEX

  1. 1 Here are a few of my tips that I felt helped me pass the nclex.
    I really do believe that taking it the sooner the better. I took it exactly 30 days after my last class day. I took Kaplan in class review, our school used ATI's. I bought the yellow Saunders Comprehensive Review, Saunders Q& A book here is what helped and how I utilized them.

    The week I after I graduated I took the Kaplan in class review. I followed the directions to the T. What I mean is that I did the question trainers in order. All 7. I did the predictor. My scores ranged from 58-69. I also did all the Q bank question trainers. I did 100 a day. I sat and did a min of 50 question. Sit and do 50 at a time. This is huge is builds up your stamina. I couldn't score above 60 for the life of me. Finally I broke 60 then started getting 64, around 1,000 questions I started scoring in the low 70's. I did not do the video's except I watched the video on the decision tree. Look at the questions you got wrong, and figure out why you missed it.

    At night I would do 1 chapter of Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment. Loved this little gem of a book, its worth its weight in gold. Read the rationales!!!!!

    How I utilized Saunders.... I did not read the whole book. If I came across a question I didn't know, I would look it up in the yellow book. I didn't use the questions in the yellow Saunder's book. I used the Q and A blue Saunders book when I needed to lay down and I was sick and tired of sitting at a computer. Loved this blue book, the rationales are next to questions I read the rationales if I got the question right or wrong.

    About one week before I took the NCLEX, I did go and revisit our ATI website.

    In the end I passed my nclex on the first try and had 75 questions. I feel my stress in my stomach but I forced myself to eat before I took my test because I knew my brain needed sugar to function. Good Luck I hope these tips help.