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  1. 0 Has anybody tried HESI/NCSBN online review? How does it compare to NCSBN Learning Ext. I am currently using Saunders 5th Edition and I hover around 60% to 85% for the practice tests. I am also doing NCSBN and I am stuck between 45 and 55%. It's been 2 weeks now of practice tests. Should I give up already or is there still a chance? Any advise...? Thank you very much.

    - Jonathan -
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    Hi smart students! I am taking my hesi test next wek. Can anybody tell me if they provide calculator for the math section?
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    Don't give up and push through it.

    Read the rationales, if you feel like you got the answer correctly, read it again. Make sure to note the subjects you are weak on and focus on it one by one.

    They do provide a calculator and it's on the screen
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    Don't give up you can do it. Perhaps revisiting the areas you are consistently scoring low on and do a content review. Good Luck!
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    I agree...sometimes I don't care so much if get the answer wrong as long as I can get an in-depth explanation from the rationale. That helps. Thank you for taking time to reply.