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Hi! I need advice and tips for those who had pass the nclex pn. I'm reviewing but I don't know if I have the enough needed materials I'm using Saunders Q&A lpn reviewer and Kaplan strategies PN which I borrowed in the county... Read More

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    I failed 3 times already my nclex LPN.i studied exam cram,kaplan book and CDs.But i still didn't make it.can someome give me advice what should i do.I am 100% completed looser..PLZZZZ help me....

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    go and finish answering questions and reading rationale in the saunders comprehensive review NCLEX-PN cd in the book and if you can afford nclex-pn qbank of kaplan which is $129 but if you dont need the book its only $100. BUT IF NOT KAPLAN STRATEGY IS GOOD COUPLED WITH SAUNDERS.
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    First. Please stop referring to yourself as "badluck" don't make a self fulfilled proficy. You are probably just a different learner than studying from the text. I also used Saunders wich I believe is the best book. But I passed my nclex on the first try only after intense study on the QBank by Kaplan. I am sure that is what made it possible for me to pass at less than 100 questions the first time. I was studying the qbank in shorter sessions but kept getting destracted by life (kids) until I made up my mind to focus and committed to 5 hrs a day for at least a week. Also do not study a thing for 48 hours prior to the test this is important. The important thing is that this program is a very close replica of the test. Since you have taken it before you also have that advantage. Read the Kaplan website on how it works but just dont think about the money and get this product, it works and you desearve it!. They will extend your course if you fail at no exxtra charge. However I believe that if you take your time with this program you will not fail. It scores you as you go and the graphics show you where you are doing poorly so you can focus on your weaknesses and it will give you a boost to see where you are doing well! Also I found this for you:

    Please be kind to yourself:redpinkhe, it is as much a part of the process as any of it. Remember you have to care for yourself to care for others Good LUCK!

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