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help me FOCUS!

  1. 0 im planning to take the exam this april (AGAIN). i took the exam last december and waited 8 weeks for the result. i moved in to a new place so i went to the BON office personally to discover i failed.

    i had 203 questions in 6 hours with no breaks!! Big mistake!

    i wanted it so bad even if i know the "last 60 rule" is just impossible. i worked really hard for it.. i went to the library 3-4x/ week 6-9 hours a day for 3 months. i answered 2000 plus questions from URC, Kaplan (purple), saunders and La charity. i read every rationale and jotted notes. i finished 2 CDs. i have NCLEX audio from Kaplan and feuer that i listen to everynight.but still...

    now i signed in to Kaplan online class. the first 4 days was fun and learning is all well! im hitting 71% on my diagnostic and it feels right. but after the online class, i have to do it by myself... my scores seems to point to other direction... it doesn't feel right.i think my emotion greatly affects my scores if im happy and motivated i get good scores. dont tell me its SAD! Spring is just right around the corner. Right now i just need sunshine even lamp will do!

    i just dont know how can i manage this on my own (AGAIN)! i just dont want it to happened again. I need to focus and set aside my disappointments and embarrassment.. i know its just an exam but that's the point it is the EXAm!.

    pls help!
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    Just keep plugging away at it. As long as you don't give up, you will eventually pass.
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    thank you caliotter3! I am actually doing okay now! no more dramas just focusing on my KAPLAN program! I am just so thankful to have found this site. the stories and experiences of others help me a lot to come to my senses. thanks a lot.