help! failed nclex the 2nd time.

  1. hi guys, first of all let me say thank you for all of your post and comments, it had helped me throughtout my nursing career. Now my story, I graduated lvn september 2012, due to family stuff i couldn't take my nclex-pn until march. i took the nclex in march 2013(unprepared), and i failed terribly, i stopped at 86questions. i wasn't discouraged or anything because i knew i didn't study so i expected it. i took a month off, and went back into studying from april, may and june, i studied 6-8hours a day for the last 4weeks at starbucks. i used saunders, examcram and other study materials. i took it on july 16th, 2013. a day before my test, one of my family member passed away so that was on my mind but i went in to take the test. i went all the way upto 205questions and got home and tried the pearson vue trick and it didin't work;( i am so down and depressed and don't know how to start studying. i will start studying next week because im so determine to pass this nclex. I don't know how to prepare myself mentally and how to overcome this fear and this depression. please share your opinions and tips. Help me please! Appreciated it.

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Your post has been moved to the NCLEX Discussion forum with the goal of attracting more responses. Welcome to, and we wish you the best of luck!
  4. by   Future Nurse T
    Im sorry to hear that...don't give up. I know that it is difficult to prepare for this exam and it is mentally and physically tiring but we didn't go to nursing school for nothing. Please continue to study and prepare well. I am taking my exam soon and I am so nervous but I'm praying that god will help me get through this. Good luck and I hope you accomplish all your goals.
  5. by   lindseyisme
    I used Saunders Q and A review book and the CD that came with it. I did around 100 questions a day for the 2 weeks up to taking the test and passed 1st time with 85 questions.
  6. by   pardeep61
    thank you. i went thru a little depression was hard to overcome. currently, im studying for my 3rd time exam. how are you doing? what material are you studying on? good luck to you too
  7. by   pardeep61
    cool thanks for your advice. I noticed i didn't do much study mode in saunders last time i took the exam. i have been doing alot of study mode, going thru system by system and at the end of the day doing 100 questions test. congrats to you!
  8. by   Nursebetty2007
    So sorry to hear about all your troubles, have u tried joining Kaplan? I heard it works and they truly do help you, they have the live classroom which can be pricey or the just the q bank and it comes with 2 sample nclex test, and they divided the price for 3 months. Alot of people say Kaplan really helps them. Or you could buy the Kaplan review and stragies book which also helps with answering questions and how to eliminate certain answers, I wish you the best or luck!!
  9. by   anursingstudent1
    try using PrepU NCLEX 10,000 My neighbor recommended...and I am using it gives a ton of questions online with answers and tells you where you are weak. It simulates the NCLEX test. I will sit for the test next year but love this product! I bought it from the publisher website and bought it with a content book and used a discount code for 20% off and free shipping wzp02fsd good luck!
  10. by   pardeep61
    i heard about kaplan review and their book. i also heard their book contains nclex test taking strategies. i already took this review class for a month its called directaccess. i feel good after reviewing with directaccess now im just doing saunders and exam cram. im taking my test pretty soon. what about you? have you taken your test already? thanks for the info.
  11. by   pardeep61
    are you taking your lvn exam? i already took some review class and now im just doing questions everyday and touching up on my weakness. thanks for the info tho
  12. by   Nursebetty2007
    No I haven't I graduated in June I'm just too nervous but I have the Kaplan book and will be using Saunders with the CD
  13. by   pardeep61