1. Hello everyone,

    I have unfortunately failed NCLEX twice!!!! I feel like a huge failure( as all my buddies have jobs now, I still cant pass the test I REALLY need to PASS it my third time and now I am trying to figure out how else and what else should I do in order to pass. I have done Kaplan and have to say that I did not like it a lot..I have done Linda A.LaCharity book which was really nice and have ExamCram book, Saunder's and just recently got NCLEX4000 Cd.Please give me some advice as to where to start and what to use..I feel like my second time taking the exam was a lot of multiple multiples...does anyone know a good book to practice those? Also I had a lot of leadership questions too, which they did not have for practice on Kaplan. HELP!!!!! Maybe some of you would have good notes on some of the tips...would really appreciate anything!!Thanks!!
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  3. by   marinesgirl
    i took nclex 4 times, my 5th attempt now. hope springs eternal! read ur content and pray
  4. by   Meimpress
    I am taking my test in September for the 2nd attempt. If you want we can skype and teach each other couple of times a week.
  5. by   Judyduckett
    I took nclex twice. Please don't get discouraged. U can do it!!! 1st time I didn't really study at all. 2nd time all I did was study. I used Hurst Review for content n Kaplan for questions. U have to know your core content.
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