Graduated in 2008 but never tested

  1. 0 I graduated in 2008 with my BSN but before graduation I got a DVT and PE. After spending days in ICU, my priorities really changed and at the time, I had no want to test or work in nursing. I wanted a family. Fast forward now a few years, I have a beautiful daughter and a wonderful husband, but I still have the void from never getting my RN license. Now I'm looking to test and running into all sorts of problems from the get go. I went to school in Va but have since moved to La. But in Louisiana, you have to test within 4 years of graduation, so I'm no longer eligible to test in Louisiana. I can however still test in Va, as I have already spoken to the BON there. But the problems don't stop there. To get a license by endorsement in Louisiana, you not only have to have your transcripts/ current license, you also must have work history, so I don't know how I will go about getting a license in La without uprooting my family. But I guess at this point, to know its not a totally closed door (like I originally feared after speaking with someone at the LaBON) is at least a move in the right direction. And we will cross that bridge when we get there.

    That being said - it's been almost 5 years since I was in class. I don't really even know where to start. I know I want to take a review corse - Hurst or Kaplan - any recommendations? I know I will get the LaCharity book but what else should I be looking for? What kind of timeline should I be looking at before requesting an ATT (in VA, I would have 6 months to test once issued)?

    Sorry for rambling, but I just have so much going on in my head right now.
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    Kaplan Qbank questions, lacharity, Hurst ,Saunders...pretty much all u need.
    Study a lot of SATA and priortization...from what I've heard there are a lot of these.
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    Rachael, you might consider an RN refresher course - might make it easier to get licensed. Something like this; R.N. Refresher Course - Charity - Delgado Community College Google "louisiana RN refresher" for more ideas. it looks like LSU has one too.

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