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I've finally done it!!!! Took NCLEX Thursday and what a doozy that was! Got the good pop up about an hour later and then checked quick results last night with the wonderful word PASS on the screen. I will say, the pop up... Read More

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    Doesn't it feel great to be able to say that you are now an RN?

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    Quote from ms_miyagi
    Doesn't it feel great to be able to say that you are now an RN?
    Yes it does!!! Checked my states BON and my license was issued 2/14/12. I graduated LVN school in 2003 and have been working on my RN since 2005. Just so glad to be done!
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    I"m also using the same resources as you. But I'm also using NCLEX 3500 to help review content on top of questions from Saunders.

    May I ask how long you studied (in terms of weeks) and how many hours you studied on each of those days?

    Thanks and, again, congrats!
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    I studied about 3 months BUT I have not worked as a nurse since '05 so I had a lot to review. Even still after taking the exam I was like WTH was that all about?!?! Random, random questions. Felt like I'd wasted weeks of studying. As far as hours a day, it depended. I was able to spend at least 8 full hours a night at my job studying and I'd just go over question after question (I rarely studied at home). Did the Kaplan review during that time also. So many factors go into how many hours one needs to study. I set a goal of at least 100 Saunders questions a day about 2 months out. The Kaplan videos I set a schedule for how many I'd do a day.

    It was one of the weirdest exams I've ever taken!! Put in the study time and believe in yourself. ;-)

    Good luck!!

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