Going on 4 days and still no test results....

  1. I can hardly stand this wait. I took my test on Monday, March 3, 2014 at 8AM. I tried the PVT and received the test results on hold message. I waited for quick results and nothing is available. I called the OBN and they said Pearson is the hold up. Contacted Pearson and they confirmed that my test is still under review and to try quick results in another 24-48 hours, and that it was due to too many unsuccessful attempts with the palm vein scan. I cannot believe it is taking this long. Has anyone had to deal with this kind of situation? I spent nearly 6 hours testing (with 9 minutes to spare) and answered 265 questions and now this....
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  3. by   chrisspa
    I took mine that same day March 3, at 8 am. I still have nothing. when I call they give me the run around, and that my results are on hold due to the palm scanner thing. My hands were cold, and they told me that when I was there. If I would have known this would be a problem I woul dhave made more of an issue! any results yet?
  4. by   RetrieverGirl
    My hands are always cold too. I am so disappointed right now. The Ohio Board of Nursing said they received a numerous amount of tests on hold for that scheduled day. I actually took my test in Erie, PA. If I don't receive my results within 24-48 hours it probably won't happen until next week because Saturday and Sunday are not business days. I hope you hear something soon Chrisspa. Keep me posted. The only thing keeping me sane is this website, seriously.
  5. by   chrisspa
    ha! I know, i just registered for this website to see if anyone else in the world was like me. I have never heard of this before. I just want to know good or bad. I was devastated that I couldn't to the infamous trick. Quite honestly I think pearson customer service reps are saying whatever they have to to get us off the phone. I heard 48-72 more hours! that's insane. At this point, im over it. Good luck to you and I will keep you posted if I hear of anything! I am shocked that this is supposed to be so professional and this happens. Just my luck!
  6. by   chrisspa
    btw is pearson reviewing this or Board of nursing. I live in illinois
  7. by   RetrieverGirl
    The Ohio Board of Nursing told me that Pearson is the hold up. OBN checked to see if my name was on the list today to post results and the lady on the phone told me that I was still pending on their list and to contact Pearson. I looked online about incident reports and test results being held and the website said they reserve the right to review all audio and video during the exam. Well, I don't know about you, but my test took almost 6 hours. So they have a lot of footage to watch. And imagine how long that will take if multiple people had this same problem?
  8. by   RetrieverGirl
    I called Pearson Vue again this afternoon. Waited on the phone for like 30 minutes. They told me that they are having difficulty reaching the testing center. I guess for some reason they have to speak to them in regards to this matter to make sure everything checks out. Pearson said the testing center was closed. So I tried contacting the testing center myself and of course they never answered the phone, so I left a message and told them what was going on and to please call Pearson headquarters. Pearson Vue said at this point I will not be able to access Quick Results until Monday or sometime next week. UNREAL. Lets just say I lost it when they asked if I wanted to take a short survey. Not happening!!!!
  9. by   Hadassah16
    Stay Positive Retrievergirl.
  10. by   chrisspa
    wow! I have nothing either. Pearson can't really help us with an answer. All we can do is wait I guess. Next week! I cant believe this! Stay strong
  11. by   RetrieverGirl
    Thanks everyone. Pearson is taking years off of my life!!! The novelty of the excitement has clearly worn off. Now it's simply just a nuisance. Yes, this would be something that happened to me.
  12. by   Hadassah16
    How you doing RetrieverGirl? You are in my prayers. I believe you will be celebrating soon.
  13. by   RetrieverGirl
    Quote from Hadassah16
    How you doing RetrieverGirl? You are in my prayers. I believe you will be celebrating soon.
    Thank you. I really appreciate it. Still waiting. As of today Pearson states that I won't know anything until next week. They are attempting to reach the testing facility where I took my exam, but they are either closed or will not answer the phone.

    I keep trying to read other people's responses on here and try to rationalize if I passed the exam based on their results. I received 265 questions, 42 SATA, 7 EKG, 5 Sequential order drag/drop, 2 dosage calculations, and 2 exhibits. I had tons of priority patient questions as well as infection control. I am pretty confident I got the last couple of questions correct, but it's still just not a good feeling. I took almost the whole time to take the exam, and I left the testing center crying my eyes out!!!
  14. by   chrisspa
    At least they told you they would contact the office where you took the exam. they told me its no use. That I just have to wait. PRaying that this is worth the wait.