Getting nervous about NCLEX-PN test Monday.

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    Getting excited and nervous about my test Monday! Hopefully I ace this thing!!

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    positive thoughts! u WILL pass! i just took NCLEX pn on thursday and it really wasn't that bad just make sure u read the questions take ur time and PRAY God will get u thru it!
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    Don't be nervous,it won't help you.Just be confident,pray,have faith in God,and be yourself.Focus every question,read until you understand what's asking and please don't cram.I took my exam on Thursday(dec 6),I was anxious when I enter the testing center but when I went in front of the computer,I asked guidance from God and it really helped me alleviate my anxiety.I stopped at 94 and got a good pop up.
    Good luck and God bless you
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    Yeah I have been praying and I plan to use that time wisely during the test!! I plan on only going back over my materials sun night n that's it! Thank you for the prayers and encouragement! Definitely will post after my test
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    Have faith and stay positive! Good luck!
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    Be positive, calm your self.. pray and pray God will guide you, goodluck
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    Good luck on your exam i agree with all the advice that has been given! Keep us posted
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    Just got done with the test, 1 hr total for registration and only 85 questions!!
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    Quote from shaybrown0924
    Just got done with the test, 1 hr total for registration and only 85 questions!!
    Do the Pearson vue trick! Hope u passed!!
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    ur going to do fine!!!! praying is the biggest, best thing u can do.. your destiny is in God's hands..

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