For those who passed the nclex rn

  1. 0 im currently reviewing my nclex exam, im just wondering if anyone of you would allow me to borrow your book from saunders 5th edition or lippincott q&a 10th edition? i have saunders and lippincott with me but my instructor said i have to use the new edition cause its updated. i have the saunders 4th ed and lippincott q&a 9th ed. this is gonna be my third time to take the nclex and i've spent $$$ already so if please somebody could spare me a book?for those who already passed the exam. pleeeaaassseeee of course im gonna return it i wont keep it guys, ill return it to you after my exam.
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    just wanted to say there is not much difference in 4th and 5th edition, i have had both books. Saunders.....
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    thank u for that diana2520
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    i agree.. i have read some of the posts where recent passers said they used the 4th ed and they thought it was good. good luck to you.

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